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Heat Transfer Engineering

Tube Forming, Re-manufacturing, Repair, Cleaning and Testing

Heat Exchanger Services Available

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Designed and manufactured as Storage and Non Storage exchangers, Calorifiers are manufactured in copper, stainless steel, carbon steel vessels with plain copper tubes, integral finned tubes, royal tubes and angelery tubes and are used for many applications.

The most popular units are commonly termed tube bundles or “U” tubes and can be manufactured to new or existing specifications from full systems to loose tubes and plates.

Fabricast Group services include a full re-manufacturing and refurbishment service for this type of calorifier, on-site removal and installation, acid cleaning and descaling, all supported by a full parts service which includes loose tubes, plates and baffles.

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Shell and Tube Coolers

Standard shell and tube coolers are “tube to tube” roller expanded, or welded, prior to pressure testing and construction. These are used in a number of systems including lubrication oil coolers, condensers, evaporators and inter/after coolers, water coolers and heaters. Such units are manufactured in various materials to suit the medium in use. Fabricast are able to assist with many variants of units and will be pleased to advise wherever possible.

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Air cooled condensers designed and manufactured to our customers’ requirements. This includes Fabricast’s replacement/repair service on air-cooled and shell and tube condensers to OEM procedures where applicable and the supply of replacement tubes.

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Marine Coolers

Charge air coolers, oil heaters/coolers, generator coolers, refrigeration coolers and some domestic units along with pipework replacement are all part of Fabricast’s Heat Exchanger product portfolio, with a fully comprehensive refurbishment and replacement service.

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Compressor Coolers

These coolers may be air or water cooled exchangers and are used for cooling mediums such as lubricating oil and the compressed air through the inter and after coolers. Fabricast offers a refurbishment and replacement service for most types of cooler exchangers, including cleaning.

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Plate Heat Exchangers

Fabricast offers a comprehensive overhaul service for all makes of plate heat exchangers, including site services for system dismantling, transfer to our service workshops for stripping, chemical cleaning, crack detection, re-gasketing, rebuilding and pressure testing, prior to return and installation.

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Heating and Cooler Batteries (Coils)

Comprising of finned coiled exchangers, used in air conditioning for heating or cooling ducted air in many buildings such as hospitals, factories, colleges, prisons, etc. Fabricast offers a repair and replacement service for most types of coils, with site inspection, removal and installation.

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Industrial Radiators

Emergency diesel generator cooling radiators in hospitals, cooling radiators on underground mining machinery and large radiators in the electricity generating industry are repaired or replaced on a service exchange basis. For details, contact the Fabricast Technical Support Team.

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